k kiosk, «Treat yourself»

«Treat yourself»

k kiosk / The place for that daily indulgence.

k kiosk guarantees people on the move instant enjoyment that's never that far away. k kiosk makes these indulgences quick and easy. We can always be found where things are happening, and we make it possible for our customers to satisfy their specific needs quickly and easily, to create their own little moments of happiness.

Young or old – everyone knows the "blue" k kiosks as places they can trust

k kiosks are very well known and popular, and have become something of a recognised cultural icon wherever they are found. The varied requirements of customers are reflected by the diverse range of products offered at every k kiosk – including everything from newspapers, magazines and tobacco products to sweets, snacks, sandwiches, beverages, Lotto and other lottery products, phone cards, collector cards, gift items, ice cream, coffee, batteries and many other useful articles.

k kiosk Switzerland


With more than 800 sales outlets in Switzerland, Valora operates the country's largest kiosk network by far. The company is the market leader in the micro-retailing sector, and its sales outlets, with their attractive formats, are mainly situated in highly frequented locations. From early in the morning until late at night, urban and mobile customers can  access a variety of services and purchase everyday items and interesting and inspiring products that are clearly arranged throughout the shops.


cigo and k kiosk reach customers just where they do their daily shopping: in front of the check-outs in food retail outlets and selected specialist retailers. cigo and k kiosk are the specialists in tobacco goods.


With its more than 70 sales points, k kiosk is also the micro-retailing market leader in Luxembourg. Everyday products, tobacco products, newspapers and magazines, and a variety of services delight customers on a daily basis.